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United Way of Tucson

Messaging and Consulting

Uniting for an educated, healthy and thriving community. Because united, we all win.

Social Media Marketing

Videos and Photography

YouTube, TV Spots

Website Development

Digital Ads

Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn


Growth in Online Networks


Increase in Online Giving

Working with Groundwork Promotions has been an eye-opening experience. From the time invested in telling the story of United Way, creating content, and planning a campaign, the Groundwork team has a special way of doing business that shows they are invested in a partnership more than just a paycheck.

Plus they do it all. Their ability to accomplish any of our organizational communication and marketing needs has been paramount to growing our presence in the community and expanding our relationships with donors and public and private partners. Groundwork is helping United Way talk about ourselves in a way we never have before, asking the right questions, and pulling out what is important so we can become a stronger organization.

Elliot Ledley

Director of Marketing, United Way

Campaign Highlights


Uniting a Force Against Poverty

Better things can be accomplished when the community is working together toward a common goal.

Women United

When we invest in our youth, the whole world is opened up to them.

You United TV Spots

It is the collective power of everyone in the community that can make a difference.

Living United

When we are unified in thought, we can set aside our agendas and really think about what’s best for our entire community.