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Undisputed is your one-stop shop, combining the world of mixed martial arts with physical fitness.

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I can honestly say, without equivocation, that working with Groundwork Promotions has been one of the BEST marketing decisions that I have ever made, period. I knew that web and social media were going to be a large part of my ability to connect with potential customers; I just didn’t realize how large of a revenue base it was going to account for. Our social media reach and presence has grown exponentially, and our search engine placement has grown from the second and third page to the first in every category.

As a small business, cash flow is vital. I have to be sure that every dollar I spend is justified and returns profit. If I hadn’t chosen to work with Groundwork, I would have LOST money.

David Reilly

Owner, Undisputed

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Physical fitness changes peoples’ lives, and what better way to transform one’s life than by working within a supportive community.

A New You

Don’t let fear or inexperience keep you from being as fit, strong, and happy as you want to be.

Transform Yourself

There should never be a day that goes by when you don’t think, ‘I can do it.’ Even when you’re tired, go for more. Your body will thank you.

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Reaching your fitness goals is not easy; it takes hard work and dedication. At Undisputed, we want to help you get there.

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