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My name is Stephanie and I am Founder and Partner with Paul at Groundwork Promotions and active in Research and Consulting for the company. I believe online promotions should enable you to grow and evolve as a professional and to create yourself and the future of what you want to achieve. My primary role is to research and test new uses and approaches for online promotions and social media and how to make them beneficial and profitable. On a personal note, I love all aspects of content creation. I love branding, messaging, marketing, social media, blogging, video production, photography, and website creation. I love keeping up-to-date with technology, the internet, and I never get tired of creative expression.

Always Paying Attention

by | Jul 8, 2024 | Creating The Future, Digital Identities, Fueling Your Passion

For any company, as you talk about your interest, vision, purpose, passion and what you want to communicate and do, changes happen. You grow and evolve. As you get more successful, you also get busier. And when you get busier, you have a harder time putting work into yourself and your own business, plans and strategy. This is a challenge for everyone. All of our clients have trouble being able to devote time to their own needs and business promotions. It is never ending.

For the past year, Paul and I have been talking about Groundwork Promotions and the future. He recently sent me a couple of pages of his own vision for the future, especially with consulting, since I am getting ready to redo the website. Now, I did not study business or technology in college or graduate school, so my knowledge is self-taught and each time we take a step deeper into marketing and promotions, I find much more to learn. It is never ending and wonderful.

This time around, Paul sent me detailed information about marketing and he had many terms and concepts I have not heard or used before. When I use specialized terms, I want to know what they mean, especially since I am going to write about them. So I spent the past several days going over the ideas and mastering the concepts, making sure to understand not just what they mean, but how to apply them in our work. I was emailing Paul and texting him for clarification, and I know given his work schedule, finding time to stop and explain his purpose and intent was not easy. Again, businesses are busy working and to stop and take time to clarify their thoughts and ideas takes time. Where do they get the time?

One of the great things about Groundwork Promotions is, we have an interview process that really never stops. As long as you are our client, we are asking questions, listening and understanding. We are watching and observing. We are putting together information from everything we do with people, because we know their time is valuable. We are always paying attention.

So I continue going through our own information, going through the same process with us. I get to see, and Paul gets to see, just how hard it is to stop and think and plan and reflect on your own work. And when we go through this, we appreciate more and more how much time and effort it takes for our clients, each time we meet with them and ask them questions. We never take them for granted, or stop valuing their time.