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My name is Stephanie and I am Founder and Partner with Paul at Groundwork Promotions and active in Research and Consulting for the company. I believe online promotions should enable you to grow and evolve as a professional and to create yourself and the future of what you want to achieve. My primary role is to research and test new uses and approaches for online promotions and social media and how to make them beneficial and profitable. On a personal note, I love all aspects of content creation. I love branding, messaging, marketing, social media, blogging, video production, photography, and website creation. I love keeping up-to-date with technology, the internet, and I never get tired of creative expression.

Deep End Fitness Video Shoot

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Content Creation, Digital Identities, Online Promotions

Paul Holze and I began Groundwork Promotions in Tucson, Arizona, the Desert Southwest. Now, he has gravitated towards the coast, in San Diego, California and just finished shooting with Deep End Fitness, as they launch their WeFunder campaign. Paul and I both love the water and he shared this with me, while filming,

“I love love love filming in and around the water. One thing I wish I did more of and took time for was to get out in the and around the water.”

His video was shot with the two founders of Deep End, Don Tran and Prime Hall, who were both special Ops Marine Raiders and served together in Afghanistan. They met each other while preparing for Special Operations Assessment Selection in Camp Pendleton.



The video itself was shot with two cameras from different angles, to bring together interviews from below and above the water with underwater movements. And everything was done in business attire. Paul was so excited about using the iPad, he texted me and sent pictures. We have discussed many times how to bring the iPad into a video shoot, and in this situation, he loaded the script for the video onto the iPad, then aligned it to the camera lens, to aid as a teleprompter.



A special note about Deep End Fitness.Their primary message to people is: They want you to reach your full potential in and out of the water. While rooted in water safety and survival techniques, they offer hybrid water workouts that provide physical and mental benefits, including increasing CO2 tolerance, conditioning one’s stress response, providing aerobic training in a low impact environment, lowering stress and anxiety, and building resilience and mental focus.