Our Foundation

by | Apr 21, 2024 | Online Promotions, Powerful Messaging

My husband and I have been married for almost 30 years, and we met Paul while I was in graduate school and now have been friends for over 20 years. We have been working together in some way, the entire time, learning together, growing together, and even at times, living together and building a business. All three of us founded Groundwork Promotions officially in early 2013 and did not care much about titles or roles. We did not think about it, we just gravitated towards our strengths. We never even talked about roles for the first several years, but instead, we just worked and did our thing.

Through the years, we have come to understand that many people know very little about us and what we do as individuals or our roles for the origins of the company. For example, what part did we play in the initiation of Groundwork Promotions? I thought in this blog post, I would give a brief description.

First of all, we all three are well-versed in most aspects of promotions. You could probably meet with any of us and get answers to most questions. We work well as a team, coordinating together, and stepping out of the way of the other, when we are not as knowledgeable as they are.

As individuals, we came together with our own passions and interests. We consider all of us to be Founders of Groundwork Promotions and we each bring special talents to the table. For example:

1. Paul’s special talents are strategizing and relationship building. He founded Groundwork Promotions as the public face, the person who sits down and shares his knowledge and expertise. He listens to people, he relates to them, he helps them organize their thoughts and needs. He prioritizes relationships. He organizes and rallies people together, gets them on the same page. He has passion for social media and building community. He specializes in using goodness and kindness for promotions online.
2. My special talent is branding, messaging, and communication. I am intuitive and can hear and see things, even when people are not saying them. I know how to listen and pull out peoples’ passions, desires, goals, and their messages. I can help put these things into action, and help communicate them with passion, purpose and sincerity.
3. Bart specializes in technology and promotions. Bart is clever, laid back, and smart. He knows how to communicate and organize thoughts, words, and ambitions on the web and he knows how to run the backend. He handles the technology in all aspects. He is always keeping up with technology, and looking for new and better ways of doing things.

These special talents are what served as our foundation as a company. They laid the groundwork for who we are now. They are how we built the business and they are our unique contribution to the work we did and continue to do, even present day.


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