About the Author

My name is Stephanie and I am Founder and Partner with Paul at Groundwork Promotions and active in Research and Consulting for the company. I believe online promotions should enable you to grow and evolve as a professional and to create yourself and the future of what you want to achieve. My primary role is to research and test new uses and approaches for online promotions and social media and how to make them beneficial and profitable. On a personal note, I love all aspects of content creation. I love branding, messaging, marketing, social media, blogging, video production, photography, and website creation. I love keeping up-to-date with technology, the internet, and I never get tired of creative expression.

Origins of Groundwork Promotions

by | Apr 6, 2024 | Creating The Future, Digital Identities

We moved to Tucson in 2011, and started a whole new life in the Sonoran Desert. During the first year, we had several discussions about what kind of business we could start. Paul was aching to do something on his own, I desired creative expression, and we both enjoyed social media and working on the internet. So one day, we decided to take our passions and interests and start a business together. We began work on creating Groundwork Promotions in October 2012, organizing the business and defining its purpose, and then we branded it officially in early 2013. We have now been in business for 11 years.


One of our first photos as Groundwork Promotions, and the inspiration for much of our work with martial arts, mixed martial arts, and the fitness industry.


Our first project was a creative photography project, inspired by some test shots we did overlooking the city. We were training at local gyms, and for fun, we took test shots all over Tucson. We played with all kinds of filters, trying to get the desired effect and had such a good time, and for me, one of the best times of my life. We really enjoyed the work. I knew then and there, I wanted to love what I do for the rest of my life.

I believed at the time, and still do, that online promotions should be enjoyable as well as profitable. I believed promotions should be rewarding and enable you to grow and evolve as a professional. For me, promotions was a way to create yourself and the future of what you want to achieve. I believed and still do, like in the movie the “Field of Dreams”:

If you write it, if you photograph it, if you say it, “It will come.”

Your thoughts and words create your future, and I still believe that you can create whatever future you want, if you know how to use the internet.