Force of Good

by | Mar 31, 2024 | Creating The Future, Future of the Internet

We believe in being a force of good in the world. Paul and I just had a conversation about this a few days ago, where he wants all of his work to be a force of good in the lives of others. He wants Groundwork Promotions to always be living up to this standard and philosophy, no matter what. This conversation came up, because in the past 12 years, something bad happened to us that we did not share openly. We kept it secret and it involved our work, the internet, and social media. It caused great harm to us, and continues impacting our lives. And for me, it triggered making decisions that did not line up with our value system as professionals. What happened to us, made us make choices in our personal lives that deviated from who we are at our deepest core.

Groundwork Promotions believes in mutual benefit, mutual respect, mutual health, and mutual success. As Paul says, we strive to be a force of goodness in everything we do. We care about being financially successful, but the people we work with are ALWAYS more important than financial gain. Relationships are priority, the success of our clients is priority, which is why the past several years have been so hard. We were put into seemingly impossible situations, and had to find a way of resolving it. Let me explain.

Since 2012, we had harmful things happening to us online. For the past 11 years especially, someone and/or something was causing harm to us on the internet. It caused so much harm at times, we were sick. The cause of this problem was not out in the open, so we had to figure out how to bring it out in the open. We had to figure out the source of the harm. We had our families to protect, we had our clients to protect, we had our business and professional lives to protect, and we did not know what to do. Everything was hidden and we needed it exposed, so we could deal with it openly and directly. What we regret is, in order to do this, we made choices that did not line up with our philosophy. We used unorthodox strategies online to bring the danger and harm out in the open. I even gave up my social media for years, to get this done. We wanted to be free of the problem. We wanted the harm to stop.

I want to emphasize to anyone who might have witnessed these events that we were so impacted mentally and physically, we felt there was no way to solve our problem except by bringing everything out in the open, and that became our goal. We made choices to make that happen, and we did the best we could. But looking back, we did not stay true to who we were at our core, and this we regret. This we apologize for.

What did we learn during this time:

  1. No matter how much good you want to create online, there are always forces creating the opposite. There will always be people who cause harm, or who do not prioritize positive relationships or outcomes online. To be successful, you have to learn how to face this reality and work with it. You have to be unaffected by it and prepared for it.
  2. If our core philosophy is to be a force of goodness then we need to make sure, even when battling harmful situations, we stay true to this philosophy. Confronting conflict and negative behavior online does not require deviating from what you believe.

So, did our strategy work? Yes, it did. But at a tremendous cost. And the process took longer than anticipated. It was a tremendous learning experience for us, both personally and professionally and it changed our whole view and understanding of the internet. We are still processing and coming to understand our new reality.

I am wondering, as we continue forward, what future will we want to create for ourselves given the gravity of what happened to us? How will these experiences with the internet change us? How we will take these painful events in our lives, and create something good with them?


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