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Personalized Photography

by | Dec 6, 2022

When it comes to whether you should use personalized and professional photos taken by a Groundwork Promotions, versus using your own cell phone or stock photos, here are the advantages of booking a professional shoot with us.

  1. Professional photos, rather than stock photos, let people know you, and your customers will even recognize you when they come into the business. It makes your business and customer relationships more intimate.
  2. Personal photos give people an inside look into your work, your products, services, and professional life.
  3. Personal photos let people grow with you and be part of your business journey. They help build long-term relationships.
  4. Personal photos can be educational and teach people about what you do, or give them knowledge of your products, services, or classes you might offer.
  5. Professional looking photos give you a more powerful appearance, and you can work with us to create the style and look that you want.
  6. Personalized photos can be creative and unpredictable, and they can demonstrate your personality which is harder to do with stock photos.
  7. There is a genuineness and authenticity with personal photos. You do not get this with stock photos, and cell phone photos often cannot get you looking your best, or your staff and customers looking their best.
  8. Buying a photo package can supply you with visual content for your social media for months. Using a cell phone can require daily upkeep, but one Groundwork photo shoot can supply 100+ photos of various kinds. You can have a lot of fun taking the pictures, spending a day or couple of days showing off your business, your staff, or even your customers.