Websites With Purpose

by | Nov 28, 2022 | Content Creation, Creating The Future, Digital Identities

So how does Groundwork Promotions use websites? Well, if you talk to me, Bart Rossmann, or Paul Holze, we all agree, websites are creative freedom on the internet. As a business or professional, websites are the place where you get to express yourself and communicate anything you want about your purpose, your vision, and what you are trying to accomplish. You get to express without the constraints you find on social media, and you own the site. You are not trying to start conversations or build a networks, you are creating your online storefront, your online identity. You are sharing everything about yourself that is significant, and letting people go read about you, hear you on video, see your products and/or services. Your website is a place where they can go, to really get to know you.

We want websites to be visually expressive. We want our clients to go to their websites and not feel blah, or neutral, or indifferent. We want them to feel the site, to love the site, and to be inspired by the site. For me, the website is a compass too. If done with skill, it can point where you want to go, and every time you read it, or your customers read it, or your potential customers read it, everyone can see with clarity, who you are and where you are headed, where all of your work is taking you.