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Web3 Technology

by | Sep 6, 2022

We have been exploring this question at length, along with what services and knowledge we can offer our clients as they enter into this rapidly changing and expanding metaverse. Groundwork Promotions right now, has expanded their services to include:

Educating our clients in understanding the basic concepts of Web3 technology and its value and prepare them for the possibilities of its future.

Guiding our clients in how to create a secure foundation when beginning their own Web3 identities and digital wallets. We show them how cryptocurrency works and how to purchase, exchange, and transact digital assets.

Helping them expand their current online web2 presence into new online web3 identities that include owning their own content, networks, and domains.

Teaching businesses and professionals how to accept cryptocurrencies as payment, or as donations if they are fundraising.

Showing businesses and professionals how to mint their own artwork or creations (NFTs), keep them protected, and connect with their customers/community in composing new content together.

Helping them to expand into new opportunities, suggest next steps, and set themselves up for future growth in this area, if they decide to do so.