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My name is Stephanie and I am Founder and Partner with Paul at Groundwork Promotions and active in Research and Consulting for the company. I believe online promotions should enable you to grow and evolve as a professional and to create yourself and the future of what you want to achieve. My primary role is to research and test new uses and approaches for online promotions and social media and how to make them beneficial and profitable. On a personal note, I love all aspects of content creation. I love branding, messaging, marketing, social media, blogging, video production, photography, and website creation. I love keeping up-to-date with technology, the internet, and I never get tired of creative expression.

A Digital Life

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Digital Identities

“Everyone has a digital life. Not just a presence, but a digital life. If “your life is your message,” then your digital life needs to reflect that. For many, their businesses are their professional life. It’s their purpose, their mission, their vision and we help bridge their personal and professional life into how they express and build their life’s work online.

Having a digital life, is creating and having a whole new YOU online. Your being, your identity, and your business can ultimately live and exist online and that is a whole new reality beyond just a reflection. It’s a whole new world of possibilities to act, create a business, generate revenue, and connect with communities of people. Businesses are no longer just posting or sharing stories and videos, they are acting and talking in real time.”

“We help you build your digital life with intention and purpose.

~We do this by looking ahead and designing your online promotions to always be innovating and evolving. And we’re not just here to help you grow and evolve, we’re also here to help you be ahead of what is to come.

~We are connecting you to your purpose and intention so that you may be fulfilled, excited, connected, and confident about what makes you unique and special. Your digital life is the space for you to create and fully express yourself.

~Promotions should not be stressful. It should be an avenue to invest in your wellbeing. It is easy to neglect ourselves when working. But your business cannot be healthy if you are not healthy.”