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Creating the Future

With Social Media And Online Promotions




Groundwork Promotions Creates The Future With Its Clients

When we work together, we create the future together.

When you enter into a relationship with us, we are always looking towards your vision. We sit down and interview you, we listen to what you have to say, and whatever goals you have, whatever outcome you want, that is the path we take.

The minute we start working together, your future changes, your business changes. When we lay out the plan, the process, the strategy and then execute it, we begin creating a new future for you professionally.

Our Mission

Everything with Groundwork Promotions is mutual. When we work with clients, we want mutual success, meaning both of us should be benefiting from the interaction. We will not stay in a relationship unless the client is benefiting, growing, and succeeding. And we will not be able to do our best work, unless we also are benefiting, growing and succeeding. Our goal with everyone we work with is to create online promotions that capture their uniqueness, messaging and brand identity, to align all their social media and online platforms in the same powerful direction, and to help each other reach our fullest potential, and create the best possible relationships in the process. This is our commitment, to you and to ourselves. Mutual success, mutual respect, and mutual health in all of our promotions relationships.

I am the President of Groundwork Promotions, which means I am in charge of the day-to-day operations.  I meet with clients, I conduct interviews, and I assess the clients’ needs and inform them of services and options. When you are ready to sit down and talk promotions, I am the person you want to talk to.

Paul Holze

Founder, Partner & President

Tell Your Story:

Documentary-style Promotions

Our belief is, “Your life is your message” which means everything you say, do and create online sends messages to the public about who you are. This is why we value the interview, because it’s when we sit down and get to know you and what’s important to you. This guides everything in our promotions process.

The Future of the Internet: Web3 Technology

We are creating a bridge to the future, helping clients understand, secure, and apply new opportunities in the world of web3 so that they are set up to continue growing and evolving while still investing in their present success.

Full Package Suite: Everything Aligned

We believe that your website, your marketing, your messaging, and all your online promotions should be working together as a whole, pointing in the same direction and staying true to your messaging. This is why we prefer providing clients with full service packages, so we can evaluate and manage everything, keeping it working together as a powerful  and effective whole.

Our Philosophy

We believe in creativity, co-creation and experimentation in the promotions process. We tailor your promotions to your needs, which means no two promotions packages will be the same for our clients. Once we put together your promotions plan, then we want you co-creating with us, taking part in the process and lending your perspective and your voice. After we execute your promotions strategy and plan, the process is not over because we are continuously evaluating the results, asking what are the outcomes, are they what you want. Because if they are not, then we start adjusting and experimenting, until we get just the right combination that achieves your desired goals.

Our Services

Full Package Suites

During the first 10 years of business, we did many projects for clients in single service form, meaning we only made a website, or created a video, or took some photos. Maybe we managed their social media, or did some consulting. All these experiences were wonderful, but they work against who we are and what we believe in.

We believe strongly in a united front, when it comes to your online presence. This means, your website, your social media, your marketing, your videos and photography, all of them will be working together, communicating the same messages, moving towards the same goals or vision. They are all working together to create the future you want. For that reason, we prefer offering full service packages so that when we can step in, assess and align everything, and get your promotions moving you down the path that you want.

Promotional Budgets

Discussion about costs can make people uncomfortable. But since we tailor our packages to the needs of the clients, it also helps to know your budget for promotions. If you find you want to have a meeting with us, and you know what goals you want to accomplish, knowing your budget ahead of time can help us give you a better idea of what we can do.

Social Media and Digital Marketing

Social media is one of the most important tools you can master for your business. And using social media for marketing, as well as other forms of digital marketing, help build and engage new business and extend your reach.


With every package, we offer consulting. Many times, clients want their own employees to do some of the work and we are more than happy to teach and help them learn the best ways to manage their own social media and online promotions.


Websites are often the first thing people see when looking you up online. They are also the one presence where you are unbound by the restrictions or formulas of a third party service, letting your content be the authoritative source of information about your business and your vision.


We provide documentary-style photography as visual content for clients, to be used on social media, websites, and any material needed for marketing or advertising purposes.


We use documentary-style video and an interview process, and create social media and website content. Sometimes the videos are transcribed as well, gathering written information to be used across a client’s online platforms.


We believe messaging is vital to successful promotions online. Knowing yourself professionally and what you want to say is crucial. Messaging tells people about you, your personality, what you are trying to do, and what makes you special or unique in what you offer.

Our Process


Alignment is one of the most vital and important parts of the promotions process. You can have great social media, terrific messaging, a great website, or beautiful videos and photos, but if all those things are not working together and communicating the same message, you diffuse your power. It is like everything you have is moving in different directions and that can confuse the public. In some way, everything you produce should be working together as a whole, working towards the same goals or vision. Alignment is central to successful promotions.


The first step is the interview. When we interview our clients, we listen and learn about them. We ask them about their goals, purpose, and vision for what they do. With this information, we define a path forward. We make a plan, devise a strategy, and execute on it.


Along with defining a path for the promotions process, we also make sure your social media, your website, your marketing, and everything you are doing online are all aligned and communicating the same messages, and being guided by the same vision and goals.


Once we finish our interview process, and align all your social media and other online platforms, and once we define a strategy and plan for your promotions going forward, then we start to market and promote your business or organization.

3-Tiers of Consulting

Groundwork Promotions will be offering 3-tiers of consulting services to clients in the upcoming year, and transitioning to a greater emphasis on consulting in the marketing and promotions process. Here is a brief overview of the services we offer. Tier 1:...

Always Paying Attention

For any company, as you talk about your interest, vision, purpose, passion and what you want to communicate and do, changes happen. You grow and evolve. As you get more successful, you also get busier. And when you get busier, you have a harder time putting work into...

Deep End Fitness Video Shoot

Paul Holze and I began Groundwork Promotions in Tucson, Arizona, the Desert Southwest. Now, he has gravitated towards the coast, in San Diego, California and just finished shooting with Deep End Fitness, as they launch their WeFunder campaign. Paul and I both love the...

A Whole New World

Because of something I am doing, I have been looking into the process of forming research centers and/or institutes at universities and also privately. Being both intellectually and athletically invested, I wanted to create research that enabled one to use both body...

Initial Consultation

Groundwork Promotions  is redesigning its process, which will put consulting and management of the entire process as a priority. We believe in the WHOLENESS of everything, with all parts working together as one, and enhancing and strengthening messaging, marketing,...

Our Future

Groundwork Promotions officially began business in 2013, and this year, on our 11th anniversary, we are expanding to the West Coast. Our home base will stay Tucson, Arizona, but we also have an office in San Diego, California, and we will be working up and down the coast from San Diego to Seattle to Honolulu. Even though the West Coast will be our primary focus, we will still be available to work in other areas of the United States and internationally.

We are a company that stays remotely in contact through phone, video conferencing and email, but we also are eager to travel to your location and see you and where you live, so that we can experience the market, the area, the vibe and get to know you and your experiences, your vision for your business and professional life, and the future of what you are creating.

Our Clients

11 Years of Great Clients

Groundwork Promotions has been in business for over 11 years, and during that time we have worked with a diverse array of professionals and businesses. We have worked with artists, writers, musicians, ballet schools, nonprofit organizations, gyms and fitness industry, massage, wellness, martial arts, MMA, yoga, bars and restaurants, chefs, automotive industry, grocery stores, real-estate property management, flower shops, motivational businesses, co-working spaces, and many others.

Fitness Industry

Nonprofit Organizations

Entrepreneurs and Startups


Our Team

With vision and purpose, we designed a unique model and process for online promotions and created Groundwork Promotions. Each of us considers ourself a founder and partner, since we have been together from the beginning.

We have years of experience in documentary-style media, video, photography, promotions, social media, website development, research, technology, international experience, and linguistic training. As a whole, we have worked and trained in places like South Africa, New Zealand, Iceland, Ecuador, Mexico and all across the United States. We have years of experimenting, working with and researching technology, and are always exploring types of media and behavior online, and we prioritize keeping up with the present and future of the internet.

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In a free consultation, we will interview you either in person or by phone or video, and we will explain more about what we offer in terms of services. With this discussion, we will find out what you are looking for and answer any questions you may have about the promotions process and what we can do for you.

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With offices in Tucson, Arizona and San Diego, California, Groundwork Promotions works primarily with clients all over the West Coast. We also work with clients in other parts of the United States and internationally. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will respond immediately.



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