Your Life Is Your Message


With every business we work with and every organization we promote, each has a message they live day to day. It is the root of what makes them unique and the heart of what we work to communicate.

Our Process, Your Personality

Your personality and style inspire the process of creating in our promotions.

Our Services, Your Goals

We care most about what you need and what is best to achieve your goals.

Our Team, Your Success

We value mutual success over profit and believe promotions should be fun and relaxing.

I can honestly say, without equivocation, that working with Groundwork Promotions has been one of the BEST marketing decisions that I have ever made, period.

I knew that web and social media were going to be a large part of my ability to connect with potential customers; I just didn’t realize how large of a revenue base it was going to account for. Our social media reach and presence has grown exponentially, and our search engine placement has grown from the second and third page to the first in every category.

As a small business owner, cash flow is vitally important. I have to be sure that every dollar I spend is justified and returns profit. If I hadn’t chosen to work with Groundwork, I would have LOST money.

David Reilly

Owner, Undisputed Fitness and Training Center

Working with Groundwork Promotions has been an eye-opening experience. From the time invested in telling the story of United Way, creating content, and planning a campaign, the Groundwork team has a special way of doing business that shows they are invested in a partnership more than just a paycheck.

Plus they do it all. Their ability to accomplish any of our organizational communication and marketing needs has been paramount to growing our presence in the community and expanding our relationships with donors and public and private partners. Groundwork is helping United Way talk about ourselves in a way we never have before, asking the right questions, and pulling out what is important so we can become a stronger organization, internally and in the community.

Elliot Ledley

Director of Marketing, United Way of Tucson

At the beginning, I wasn’t so sure. Social media was one of those things I could do myself. But when Groundwork Promotions did their first campaign, I will never forget it. It was early 2014, and I needed to be attracting more people. They said they could do it. I was still hesitant about the difference they would make, but when I gave the go ahead, I was like, ‘Holy shit, they were right all along.’

You’re not going to see the full impact right away. But you’re going to see x amount of people in your door. Then those x amount tell x amount of people. And when those x amount look at you online, what Groundwork does is they bring the experience to the customer. It’s like they take your customers ‘to the theater’ without them having to first be ‘in the theater.’ They help you express yourself in a way that when customers see you online, they then want to come in and experience you for themselves.

They are like the air. Vital. They make an impact in ways you can’t always see but so desperately need.

Maria Mazon

Owner, BOCA Tacos y Tequila

As a small nonprofit we were initially reluctant to invest in an online campaign and wondered how or if our message could be captured and targeted to the right people. The upfront work Groundwork did to understand our agency, our work, and our clients before ever setting up a camera was crucial and reassured us to know that they would capture our voice and help us achieve our goals.

When our first video in the campaign arrived, we were moved to tears. Groundwork had captured the heart and struggle of teen pregnancy. This initial campaign successfully moved donors, which was one of our stated goals. But what we had not anticipated was how their work would impact our staff internally. The campaign served to reinforce the work we do and aligned and strengthened our efforts in highlighting the difference our services are making.

We have since contracted Groundwork to complete a longer campaign and have been beyond satisfied.

Debbie Allen

Marketing and Development Director, Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services

San Diego, California

Tucson, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona